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Nine Tips for Getting the Perfect Timeshare Rental

You can not go wrong with renting a timeshare if you are traveling with children, friends or just want more than a regular hotel room. Every savvy traveler should know these nine tips for finding and negotiating a successful time rental.

  1. Shop around: Don't settle for the first timeshare you see. Take the time to contact several owners - even if they do not advertise the exact week you want. You may find that you can change your booking with the resort for the week you want.
  2. Negotiations: Since you are dealing directly with unit holders rather than the resorts, prices are often flexible. Ask if the price is negotiable or place a bid below the requested price.
  3. Check: It is always a good idea to contact the resort directly to check that the owner you are dealing with actually owns the facility and that the advertised unit is what the owner has reserved - also ask about the view.
  4. Sign a rental agreement / use a block book: The best way to ensure that your holiday investment is secure is to use a rental service. However, there is a fee to be paid. If you prefer the do-it-yourself method, make sure you have a lease.
  5. Do not pay 100% in advance: When dealing with a stranger over the internet, it is best not to pay 100% of the rent in advance. Offer to pay 50% to secure the booking and the other 50% when you receive a confirmation from the resort that the booking is in your name.
  6. Payment methods: Never pay by bank transfer as this is one of the most common methods used by fraudsters. Before you pay, ask yourself if you have proof of payment, if the payment is secure and what is your liability insurance if something goes wrong?
  7. Confirm your booking: do not take the owner's word because the booking was made in your name. Call the resort in person and make sure the booking is in your name and make sure the owner can not change the booking to his name at a later time.
  8. Take your rental agreement with you: Your rental agreement should contain all the information you need in case of problems: the owner's name and contact information, as well as information about the place and the unit.
  9. Share your experience with others: After a successful timeshare, make sure you add your evaluation and also send a letter to the timeshare owner to let him / her know about your experience and that you are are happy to serve as a reference for future tenants.
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