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Our Continuous Rental Agreement

Do you love your Vacation property/timeshare, but find you just can’t use it every year?

Are you tired of paying maintenance fees every year, even when you can’t get away? Are you paying RCI or II to bank your unused weeks or points?

Are you also paying transfer fees? Are you paying to bank and eventually losing your week or points anyway?

We have your solution. Welcome to The Ownership Solutions “Continuous Rental Agreement”! Here’s how it works:

  1. Every year as long as you own, we will contact you with offers to rent your week or points.
  2. Every year for as long as you own, you decide to take the cash or decline the offer and vacation yourself.
  3. One time NON-REOCURRING FEE brings you money any year you cannot travel or need extra cash! It’s always up to you!

Also, remember any banked week or points can also be converted into quick cash, before they expire.

In the future, if you decide to sell your vacation ownership, we will change all of your marketing and advertising at NO ADDITIONAL COST! The first people we will contact will be the people that have rented from you in the past. (They’ve already had a “timeshare test drive”.)

You are sitting on a virtual diamond mine. Why pay yearly maintenance fees when you can profit? The Ownership solutions “Continuous Rental Agreement” is your solution to unused weeks or points and maintenance fees!

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