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Passport Book vs. Passport Card: Which Do I Need?

The US State Department issues two versions of a passport: a traditional passport book and a passport card. Not only do they look different, they also serve slightly different purposes. The passport book has many pages for visas and arrival / departure stamps, while the passport card is a one-piece ID card in credit card format. What you should buy, passport book vs passport card, depends on how you plan to travel and how much you plan to pay for your travel documents.

Passport Book vs. Passport Card

The standard passport book covers all the basics: it's all the US government requires to enter a foreign country and return to the United States on your return trip. Initial application fees are $ 145 (an application fee of $ 110 and an entry fee of $ 35). Many overseas countries do not require more than one US passport book to enter, but some require a visa as well.

The passport card, on the other hand, is both cheaper and less flexible. The passport can only be used for re-entry into the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at a border crossing or port, although it is generally accepted as a valid entry entry even in these areas. You can not use the passport for international flights, even if you return to the United States by land. The initial fee for a passport is $ 65 ($ 30 application fee and $ 35 acceptance fee).

You can get both a passport book and a passport for $ 175 ($ 140 application fee and $ 35 acceptance fee).

Passport books or passport cards are valid for 10 years for adults and five years for travelers under 16 years. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs' website has complete information and an online application form.

Obviously, in most cases that you plan to travel internationally, having a passport book is much more useful than a passport card. However, if your international trip consists entirely of land travel in the restricted areas covered by the passport, the card is both cheaper and a little more convenient than the passport book.

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