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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Timeshare?

Timesharing started in Europe many years ago and the concept was simply an arrangement whereby a number of people joined together to buy and run a holiday resort for their benefit. The idea worked well and spread throughout the world. Presently, there are several million timeshare owners.

Vacation or timeshare ownership is a simple concept. You avoid the yearly expense of maintaining and furnishing a totally owned luxury vacation home. You pay for only the time you wish to use. You may return to your home resort every year on trade weeks to other destinations worldwide.

Can I Invest In Timeshares?

Yes and no. Yes, if you and your family love to travel or are always traveling, yes you will benefit from it. No. Timesharing is not an investment product and surely is not intended as a way of making money as such. It is a financial commitment to your leisure enjoyment and peace of mind.

If I buy or resell, do I have to worry about a previous lien?

All Liens, maintenance and financing must be paid off or property cannot be transferred with money owed.

If I can't use my week one year, do I automatically lose it?

No, you can space bank it with any exchange company and save it up to two years. This will give you an extra vacation for the following year to use as a two-week vacation or two separate vacations.

If I own a fixed week, am I limited vacationing that particular week?

No, you can do an internal exchange into your own resort for your desired week. Pretty soon you will be able to exchange that week through us. Fixed week means: The same week each ad every year at your timesharing resorts. If you buy week 13 at your home resort, you are guaranteed week 13 every year.

What does the Season Color Code mean?

The color code is used for rating:

  1. Red is considered the most in demand.
  2. White and yellow are less traveled
  3. Blue and green are considered off-season.
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