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Timeshare Resale - Truths

Selling a unit is not the same as selling traditional properties.

Although the legal process is often similar, the laws governing the resale of shares vary by state and country. Depending on your type of ownership and resort, not all of your rights may pass to the buyer. To ensure that your experience runs as smoothly as possible, examine your property online, contact an experienced reseller or broker for cooperation and work with a licensed end company.

It is also more difficult to find a buyer to buy your share sale. When you sell a home, you can compete with a neighbor who also sells a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, but the chances are high that your property has something special, such as a nicer yard or finished basement. When you sell a share, you compete with several owners at your resort who have the same unit, week and sales needs. The differentiation of your property becomes the decisive factor for your marketability.

You will not get back what you originally paid for your timeshare.

If you have bought from the developer, you have paid too much - it's that simple. The total cost of your property has been increased to cover presentations, incentives and giveaways. Chances are good that the seller also told you that your share would increase in value. This is just not true, except in rare cases on advanced fractional properties. Resale time shares are often sold for as little as 50% of the original price - some as low as 20-30%.

You can still sell your property easily, but you need to be affordable for your property. With so many similar properties and weeks in the resale market, the price is what sets it apart. We encourage people to evaluate their resale rights at fair market value as this gives them the greatest chance of success. If you need immediate cash to cover maintenance or other expenses, we also recommend that you rent your timeshare week.

There are buyers out there.

Many years ago, many new buyers did not know that the secondary market existed. The good news is that some companies get the word out, buyers know they can make big savings by buying resale shares from the owner. Why buy at the resort when you can save up to 70% for the same resort, unit and week?

While no one can guarantee that your resale time division will sell, we can tell you that the current market is filled with buyers: our site is proof of that. Not all offers will be sold, but many owners will succeed with our platform if they value their properties correctly.

Unfortunately, there are timeshare resale scams that you should be wary of.

With so many owners having to sell their share quickly, this created an environment where illegal companies could steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from owners. There are many timeshare resale scams - both past and present - but the most common are companies that claim to have a buyer waiting. When they get you addicted, they will charge a fee to assess or transfer the property, but the sale never goes through. Another common system is to set up as an "aid company" and charge a fee to take your timeshare away from you; In the same way, the transfer of ownership never takes place and you remain responsible for unwanted part-time use and fees.

Do not pay for a valuation. Do not pay a company that says a buyer is waiting. If they really have a buyer for your unit sale, you should NOT pay any fees as the buyer is responsible for all closing costs and transfer fees.

Legitimate resale companies are not the enemy.

Despite the many scams, many resale companies strive to provide real, valuable services to unit holders and vacationers.

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